Monday, November 9, 2009


Thanks for everyone that tried out! So much talent out there!

I must admit that I didn't get the turn-out this time for auditions that I had hoped for, so I am giving some actors dual parts, etc. This is making me pause and wonder if I should do a musical for children/teens in the spring or whether I will just do an adult one.... I have been having a hard time finding a good musical for kids----they tend to be so cheesy----so I have a lot of decisions to make!

If any of you have an opinion about this---I'd love to hear about it----either in comment form or e-mail!

Now, for James and the Giant Peach!

Cast List:

Mother: Lisa Forsyth
Father: Tommy Nanto
Narrator 1: Emily Hardy
Narrator 2: Helen Orton
Auntie Sponge: Kerry Fenton
Auntie Spiker: Devon Christensen
Little Old Women: Abby Collins, Jordan LeBlanc
Crowd Members: Lisa Forsyth, Tommy Nanto, Brooke Peterson, Jordan LeBlanc, Abby Picciano
James: Ben Whatcott
Grasshopper: Elise Wankel
Glow-worm: Megan Peterson
Earthworm: Maren Vail
Centipede: Aydan Bahe
Ladybird: Courtney Adema
Spider: Emma Manning
Captain Jane: Lisa Forsyth
1st Officer: Tommy Nanto
2nd Officer: Brooke Peterson
3rd Officer: Jordan LeBlanc
4th Officer: Abby Picciano

Congratulations to all the great actors! I am really excited to get started!! Our first rehearsal will be this Thurs.----starting at 3:30 until 5:30. We will be having a read-thru, then blocking the first scene. I will hand out the calendar at that time, as well as the scripts. Please remember to bring a snack and bottled water or you can buy water for a dollar at the theatre.

Looking forward to it!

Also---if any of you were planning on attending "Rookery Nook"-----make sure and get your tickets now for next week, as this weekend is already sold out----and next week will go quickly!!