Friday, July 24, 2009

Auditions for A New Play!

The Cannon Theatre announces auditions for Rookery Nook by Ben Travers - A classic British Farce!

Newly married playboy Gerald Popkiss is headed to Rookery Nook for a relaxing vacation with his new wife Clara and mother-in-law. But, when his mother-in-law suddenly falls sick, Gerald is forced to continue on alone.

Upon arriving, he meets a beautiful young girl who has been thrown out of her house next door and who is wearing nothing but her pink silk pajamas. His sense of chivalry dictates that he offer her help. But, with his prior reputation, a sister-in-law nearby, and Rookery Nook's meddling maid, he quickly finds himself over his head.

Roles for 5 Men and 6 Women

Audition Dates: 8/20 (7-9pm) and 8/22 (1-5pm)
Email Director David Nanto at DKNANTO@YAHOO.COM for information and to arrange an audition time!
Rehearsals will begin on Sept 8th Evening, and continue on Saturday afternoons and Monday evenings.

Performance dates: Nov 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21
Rookery Nook Roles

Gerald Popkiss (25-35)---a cheerful, good natured and reformed playboy who is newly married.

Clive Popkiss (25-35)---a roguish and slightly mischievous playboy who is always looking for excitement.

Gertrude Twine (30-45)----a strong, domineering, and condemning woman, doesn't trust her new brother-in-law, and loves to know what is happening in her town.

Harold Twine (35-45)----a meek hen-pecked husband, has developed the nervous habit of chewing his straw hat.

Rhoda Marley (20-30)----a lovely and outgoing young woman, lives with her frightening father-in-law.

Mrs. Leverett (40-60)----a maid who jusggles her large family and her work, loves gossip, and ates impropriety.

Putz (50-60)----a strong willed and rigid German with an explosive temper. Could be a dual roll with Admilral Juddy.

Admiral Juddy (50-60)----a blustering former British officer with a propensity to swear in Chinese. Could be a dual roll with Putz.

Poppy Dickie (20-30)----a beautiful, flirty local girl, spends most of her time looking for her next boyfriend. Brief song and dance.

Clara Popkiss (20-30)---monor role. A new bride who is shocked to find her husband in an uncompromising situation.

Mrs. Possett (50-60)----minor role. A matronly woman who is suffering from an un-named illness.