Monday, March 23, 2009

The Cannon Theatre Musical Theatre Classes 2009

I am excited to announce the weeks for the Musical Theatre Summer Camps/Classes 2009! These classes run four days, four hours a day and are fast-paced, frenetic, but fun, fun, fun!

I write the shows using character parts, and music from favorite musicals and movies, then we work on acting techniques, vocal techniques, movement, costuming, and hair and makeup. At the end of the week, we put on a show for friends and family. The classes are held at 12:00 until 4:00 each day, and they are for ages 8-16 years of age.

The dates are as follows:
Session One: Monday, July 13- Thurs., July 16
Session Two: Monday, July 20- Thurs., July 23
Session Three: Monday, Aug. 3- Thurs., Aug. 6
Session Four: Monday, Aug. 17-Thurs., Aug. 20

The cost for each week is $190.00 with a $10.00 supply fee. There will be a 10% discount if you register and pay before the end of June, or if your child is taking more than one session, or if you have two or more siblings taking classes! Click on the registration form in the side bar at the right to download and print out the form. Send it in with your check made out to Shawn Cannon or The Cannon Theatre and mail it in to the address on the form.

I am getting excited for the classes this year! Be sure and check out the pictures from the Musical Theatre Summer Classes 2008 on the side bar, and please e-mail me with any questions at

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pirates Of Penzance Is Cast!

After a really great auditioning process, I am happy to announce that we have a cast for "Pirates of Penzance"! There were so many talented kids that tried out, so the choices were difficult, but I think that this cast is going to be fabulous!

So here they are:

Major General-------James Whatcott
The Pirate King-------Rachel Marshall
Samuel, the pirate lieutenant-----Katherine Barlow
Frederic, the pirate apprentice-----Tony Veilleux
Ruth, Frederic's nursemaid------Emily Hardy
William, a pirate-------Ben Whatcott
Douglas, a pirate-------Stephen Marshall
Richard, a pirate-----Tommy Nanto
Robert, a pirate------Elise Wankel
Zachary, a pirate------Aydan Bahe
Sergeant of Police------Lisa Forsyth
Policeman Paul------Emily Durham
Policeman Porter------Emma Manning
Policeman Patrick------Victoria Bourque
Mabel, a daughter--------Jackie Ordemann
Kate, a daughter--------Lauren Winn
Isabel, a daughter------Rebecca Stark
Edith, a daughter------Tessa Muir
Rebecca, a daughter-----Lilia Heinold
Elizabeth, a daughter-----Karina Heinold
Laura, a daughter------Laura Barlow
Amelia, a daughter------Mira Krishraswamy

Please mark your calendars for the performance dates! They are Thurs., June 18, Friday, June 19, and Saturday, June 20; at 7:00 p.m, at the Cannon Theatre, 410 Great Rd.

Hope to see you there!