Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I am in the process of getting pictures up from our great summer musical theatre classes. We had some amazing talent and some fun times! So, be sure to check back to look at those.

I am gradually fulfilling my dream to have a small theatre, one that can meet various needs and stay intimate, so people feel that they are right there on stage with the action or drama! I am also trying to get a non-profit standing, but right now with the rent for the space, etc. and just getting everything that I need to get things going, I have an in-the-red standing. This said, I will always be open to ideas for grants, and would love any donations that anyone can write off, as it IS FOR A GREAT CAUSE! THEATRE AND IMPROV RIGHT IN YOUR BACK YARD!

Our first play is going to be "A Little Princess" and will need about 16-20 kids and teens, from 8 years old to 18! There will be a fee for the play, as it will be run as a learning class, as well as a show. The cast will be working and learning on all aspects of the show, from blocking and acting, to costuming and makeup. I will be having the rehearsals on Thurs. afternoons at 3:30 until 5:30 p.m., with the class/rehearsals going for about nine weeks. The fee will be $225.00 for the entire session. We will be taking off a few weeks for Thanksgiving and Holiday activities. Then, at the end of the nine weeks, we will be putting on the show! I am hoping to be able to run it for at least three nights, or two weekends, if we can. It depends on the ticket sales, etc...
I am going to hold auditions for this play at the beginning of November, so keep an eye on this site to get the dates and times....

I am also looking for several "tech" teens that might be interested in doing shows from time to time, as well as interning with my husband, Bret Bahe, who does my sound and lighting. There would be no fee for the tech, and it would be strictly voluntary.

I am going to start having Improv Workshops starting at the end of November, if all goes well. I am looking for adults and teens that are interested in participating! They will be on Thursday nights---the workshop starting at about 6:30 and running to 7:30, then we will open it up to the public for a small fee, and you can put on a show for them! I like to work with the long form, so there won't be a lot of games, but we will work on different genres and have theme nights, etc., as well as visiting guests from time to time.... It should be a lot of fun!

I look forward to working with the community on this project and can use ANY HELP that anyone would like to give me! I can use parents and adults for costumes, props, and backstage help----so let me know if you have always wanted to work with kids in the theatre!

To contact me? Call 978-760-3397 or e-mail me at thecannontheatre@gmail.com